Sunday, 24 November 2013

On Buffaloes and Poachers - Part One.

The easy one
During an early morning drive we spotted a buffalo with a cable snare around its chest.  The moment I stopped it took off like a rocket.  Fortunately it was early spring and the veld in the Pretoriuskop area resembled the fairway on a golf course.  This enabled me to give chase with the vehicle, and after a pretty wild ride I managed to draw parallel to the fleeing animal.  Five rapid shots from Tom's R1 sent it ploughing into the wet soil.  This was immediately followed up with two point-blank brain shots, as double-dead buffaloes have less of a tendency to get up and create havoc.

With ringing ears I congratulated Tom on excellent shooting - a moving target from a bouncing vehicle, with a calibre  far too light for the job (7.62), and the buff went down in about four seconds flat.
Closer inspection revealed that the cable was in the process of working its way into the sub dermal tissue and a large sack of puss had already formed between the front legs.

Bloody poachers.

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