Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Worship in a Temple with no roof, and no middle man.

Be in a nice place at first light, with not another soul in sight.
Don't ask for anything - rather spend your time saying 'Thank You'.
Every time your heart squirts another load of richly oxygenated blood into your arteries, say Thank You.
If you have one single person on this planet who loves you, you have enough to say Thank You for.

Stay like this for a while, and experience what happens next: your mind will open up, expand and cleanse itself.

For those of you who understand Afrikaans, here is a poem I wrote some thirty years ago:-

Leun jou hoof teen myne
  laat jou siel los en luister...
hoor jy ook die onding
  skreeuend in die duister...

In my is iets wat moet uit
  eers wurgend my siel dan smekend die drif
stadig maar seker,
  soos 'n adder se gif...

Just open up and let go.

Life is only on loan.  Say Thank You for it, and make every moment count.

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