Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Beware of the rogue wave.

The day the moon got wet.

The sea was placid as predicted, 1.2 metre swells with constant direction and periodicity.
Rhythmic tranquility prevailed as I contemplated the full moon setting over the ocean at first light. I didn't bring my fishing gear, so there was no need to go right down to the water. My lucky day, as it turned out.
The serenity of once again being one with Nature was total as I stood there, appreciating the beauty of it all.
It is a truly awesome feeling to experience this sort of beauty with all of one's senses.

Suddenly something at the edge of my peripheral vision jerked me out of my reverie. Out of nowhere and from an entirely different angle a gigantic swell had materialised, and was coming on like a freight train.
Trying to run on those rocks was out of the question: besides, getting caught on unsure footing would be courting disaster. Nothing to do but stand firm and hope for the best.

  Yeah, pretty close and very, very wet. Even the moon seemed not to have escaped.

Exhilaration is part of worthwhile living, but make very sure you don't get replaced with one of those little concrete crosses on the rocks somewhere.

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