Thursday, 10 July 2014


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All apes are quadrupeds. According to all accounts this creature is not an ape: it is a bipedal humanoid.

Sasquatch synonyms: Bigfoot (North America), Yeti (Himalayas and Arctic), Jungle Man (Vietnam), Man Beast (Panama), Waterbobbejaan (‘Water-baboon’: Africa), Moehau (New Zealand)

Nature came bouncing back with vigour after a virulent strain of AIDS had practically depopulated the planet.  Once the fighting was over Sam Jenkins and his people again established a self-sustaining community on the banks of the Sabi River in what used to be the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This time there were no more roving gangs of bandits – those who were not part of an organised colony either perished or were forced to become hunter gatherers: there simply was nothing left to loot.  Most people having grown up in ‘civilised’ society, there weren’t many left who had the necessary skills to survive.
The African wilderness was once again as wild as it used to be.

Or was it reverting to something much wilder still?

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