Saturday, 21 March 2015

Your blood group displayed on your boat means...

Yes, it means this is a bloody (pun intended) dangerous sport, exclusively for adrenalin junkies with conjones (or similar) of solid brass. Take that to include bra's.

This weekend's boat race at our beautiful village of Yzerfontein proved just how dangerous...

There were several non-injury acrobatics and aerobatics, some of which were executed with a marked lack of grace.

The sea was calm, allowing for maximum speeds all the way around the island of Meeurots.

 A co-pilot being flipped out of her boat was the first injury. True to form the NSRI was on the scene beyond the backline immediately with their jetski.

Fortunately the injury proved to be minor, and she was safely brought to shore.  The next competitor was less fortunate - their boat did a complete somersault with one of the young men sustaining serious injuries.
The NSRI deemed it prudent to transport the patient to the harbour rather than bring him to the beach through the breakers.
Despite being in agony, the young man was none too pleased when the doctor had to cut off his brand-new wetsuit to assess the injuries.

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