Saturday, 3 August 2013

The price of writing a book.......

I think there are very few people in this world who don't harbour the thought "I'm going to write a book some day".
Same here. Some years ago I had a rip-roaring birthday party. Everyone was stunned when I dumped a full bottle of booze down the sink at midnight - and it wasn't because I had become tired of being the middle-man in the recycling process.
I declared to all and sundry that I wasn't going to touch a drop again before I have written a book.
My grave announcement was met by some derisive laughter and unpublishable comments.
At the time I was still spending my days in the dark, phlegmy world of root canals and rampant caries, so I was compelled to get up and work on my book from 4 AM to 6.30 every morning.
Being a fairly thirsty man, I finished the book in 6 months.
The downside is that getting up at 4 AM has become a habit I can't seem to get rid of..... 

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