Friday, 9 August 2013

Who is this guy?

"Wait till my mother hears of this........."

As Cobus Raath features in so many of my blogs I frequently receive enquiries about him.
In short, the man is a legend in his own time. He has the temperament of a solid-fuel rocket - once ignited, there is no stopping and no slowing down. Back in the 80's and 90's we used to phone each other at 4 AM just to make sure the other guy is working, and not having a lie-in.

‘…Dr Cobus Raath spent over 11 yrs of his veterinary career in the National Parks Board of South Africa, stationed at Kruger National Park. He left Kruger National Park in 1996 and since then has established four (4) companies. In 1996 he started, a veterinary company that specialises in the Capture and Relocation of Wildlife, Clinical Services, Disease Investigation and Control, Contractual Research, and Training and Information Dissemination. During this process Ngongoni Game Farm was developed and Terra Luna Lodge was built. He then established Wildlife Pharmaceuticals SA in 1997, a company dedicated to enhance ethical wildlife management practices through product development, registrations and sharing the information through publications, books, lectures and personal contact. In 2007 Dr Raath Established Koeger Science, a specialist chemistry company focussed on the development of synthetic pathways for new pharmaceutical products. Dr Raath is the author is three (3) books, has many published papers and is an adjunct professor at both Murdoch University and Texas A&M…’
He is also Prof at the Onderstepoort veterinary faculty of Pretoria Universty.
Construction on his ultra-modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is to start soon.

You will get to know him well on this blog.  Some of the things we did were pretty wild ("..don't try this at home...") and some were outright hilarious.

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