Monday, 20 April 2015

On Statues and Students

'Students' ??
A student is someone who attends an institution of higher learning in the hope of being taught something worthwhile; to gain knowledge with which to better his life - to become a productive asset to the community in which he lives, where he can raise a family with a future.
There is only one way in which that goal can be achieved: hard work. The habitat of students is lecture halls, desks and libraries.

The useless louts toy-toying on campuses, defacing and tearing down statues, are not students. They are the delusional idiots who think knowledge can be assimilated through the process of osmosis. If you just hang around long enough and demand vociferously enough, you can walk away with some or other useless degree or diploma.
These 'students' then spend the rest of their mediocre lives breeding and demanding free housing and service delivery, and indulging in 'affirmative shopping' under the guise of xenophobia. Stealing, looting, burning and murder become part of the creed by which they live.

Soon this country will be populated by devolved morons and constipated pigeons.

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