Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Death of Africa - the demise of a continent.

Humanitarian Aid in Africa: Quo vadis?

This is not a conscience soother. On the contrary, it is an effort to revive the slumbering concepts of logic and reason, buried deep beneath the media-fueled brainwashing of preconceived ideas and indoctrination.

Have you ever stopped to think about where the tragic road of Benevolence, Humanitarian Aid and Goodwill will eventually terminate? And sure as God made little green apples, terminate it will - this continent is rapidly being pushed beyond the point of 'sustainable use'.

Yes, it is indeed noble to donate mildly in order to feed that hungry little child with the huge fly on his upper lip. Even after 'administrative expenses' and politicians skimming off the cream, there just might be enough left to actually feed the child. Should the child be fortunate enough to survive, what is going to happen once he reaches his uneducated puberty at age thirteen or fourteen?
Yes, spot-on: the strongest drive in all things living will take precedence over all else - the instinct to procreate.
That will in short order lead to ten more hungry little mouths to feed, with the same heart breaking pleas for donations. The begging bowl just got a lot bigger. And this vicious circle will just keep on repeating itself, growing exponentially.

Who will then feed all those children? With what? Who could ever hope to educate them?

Productive farms are being divvied up and given to hordes of to non-productive voters with no inkling to actually produce anything. Once these farms have been stripped of everything edible, the hordes move on to the next one. But a vote is a vote. That is the democracy of Africa.
This once bountiful continent is being stripped and devoured.

And the righteous world is benevolently watching it happen, with consciences soothed by their donations.

The time will come when no amount of money can buy a single bag of maize meal or a loaf of bread, simply because nobody is growing corn or wheat anymore. It is easier to beg and demand than to work and produce your own food.

Then what?

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