Sunday, 6 September 2015

Fields of flowers destroyed at Langebaan.

Who on earth allowed this?!

Who could have given the go-ahead for this

to be ripped up and transformed to this?

While behind me...

...lo and behold the silly sign they had the audacity to put up

An environmental no-go area? (Environ-) Mental indeed - you could get run over by a bulldozer.

Just outside the beautiful town of Langebaan, on the road to the West Coast National Park, this particular hill and valley used to be famous for the floral cloak it dons every spring. Visitors from far and wide annually flocked to this spot to look at the splendour of the floral display.

This piece of land should have been a heritage site, and protected as such. Who gave the final go-ahead for this development? What was the motive? It can only be a politician. This decision will cost him or her one hell of a lot of votes.
Is there anyone out there who can put a name to this person? The time has come to name and shame.

The developer? Developers do what they do - develop and make money. Nothing wrong with that.

But it should never have been allowed on this irreplaceable piece of land! I believe they are putting up sixty residences. How will any of the new owners ever be able to sleep in their new homes. Imagine living on the graves of millions upon millions of wild flowers that are gone forever.

Shame on you, whoever you are. You are a disgrace.

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