Sunday, 13 December 2015

Zuma qualifies for Wild Stuff in Africa.

As the name implies, this blog is about wild stuff in Africa, with 'wild' in the context of 'wilderness'.
I don't do politics, but I do feel compelled to take a closer look at what this Wild Man of Africa has just done.
The Wild Man of Borneo was a saint compared to our own President Zuma. In one final foul swoop this despot has now driven a potentially great country right out into the wilderness of the worst banana republics.
There are millions waiting to be raked off in the shady SAA deal, and possibly billions off the even shadier R 1 trillion nuclear deal with the Russians. When our capable minister of finance attempted to put the brakes on the insanity, he got himself fired for daring to stand up to Zuma and Dudu. He was replaced with an unknown yes-man who could not even manage a small municipality.
This resulted in the bottom dropping out of the economy, and the Rand plummeting into freefall. Someone must have pointed out to the laughing man that he had now gone too far, so he started slamming the screen doors on his sinking submarine by getting rid of his newly appointed minister as well.
Maybe Jan van Riebeeck had torpedoed his sub...
Seems Zuma is falling on the Spear of the Nation.

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